Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Wishcraft: what do you wish for your home?

I have just come across Jamie Ridler's Studios Wednesday Wishcraft.  It was very timely, having spent the weekend with a paintbrush in my hand and a grump in my heart.  So I thought I would join in, albeit a bit late.

What do you wish for your home?

My kneejerk reaction to this question was 'I wish for my house to be finished'.  I have been feeling reallllly fed up with living in an uncompleted house.  Writing out our calendar for this month, I realised that in a few weeks is the anniversary of us purchasing our first home.  Five years since we bought this run down, damp and dark little cottage with a small overgrown garden with our empty pockets and big dreams.  Well, to be fair, the vision is almost completely down to my beloved.  I struggled to see past the small garden, after the spacious one our rented house had. 
But in a few months the basic house was transformed into a light and airy house (partly due to a door not fitting properly) and we moved in, kinda camping style.  No carpets and lots to do.
Next came an extension complete with incompetent builders.  I kid you not, Rogie would come home and say to them 'Guys, there should be a window here', where a solid wall had been built.  So they'd take it down and start again.  We found out after they'd left that they'd done the whole thing one brick length shorter than it should have been.
Then, along came our unexpected joy of Roo, and we had to race to get the extension liveable.  Oiling and sanding and painting whilst heavily pregnant.  The age old nesting instinct.
And now the final phase, the conservatory to replace the decrepit glass porch thing that was there.

In all the work that has been done, various things got left undone.  And lived with.  And lived with.  Some I barely see anymore, but others niggle.  I have been very slack in taking responsibility for finishing my home, leaving it mostly to my highly competent husband.  Trouble is,  I just don't enjoy it.  In fact I decided at the weekend, and wrote as much in my journal, I f**king hate painting.  I didn't of course put pretty asterisks in my journal.  I spat the word out onto the page in clear letters.  Well, I like painting big walls with no edges or natural woodwork to worry about.  However, our house is full of small walls and tons of natural woodwork.  It has been done by my brother in law who is an cabinet maker by training & a genius with wood.  No paint is allowed onto the wood.  Just sanded and oiled.  Which makes my slap dash approach to painting show up all the more.  So much easier to hide on white glossed woodwork!

All this makes me realise though, that doesn't really answer the question for what I wish for my home.  The house is just the shell that holds us.  The home is so much more. 

For my home I wish Love, Joy, Growth & Comfort for all who come.  And lots & lots of Creativity! xxx


  1. Here here....great post!!! xx

  2. Awwwww home really is where the heart is.....dee x

  3. I agree, a house isn't a home unless it's filled with love and laughter.