About Me

Hey there!

I am so delighted that you decided to drop by!  I hope you found your cuppa OK and that little bite to eat I saved for you.  I can't wait to get to know you better.

So, I'll go first.  I'm Jacs.  I love creativity, vintage, tea and campfires.  I also love my husband & our 3 children that share our nearly-renovated Victorian cottage in Dorset, England.  We have been doing it up for 3 years now & its so close I can feel it!.

We also have a double plot allotment.  A labour of love to provide nourishment for the epidemic of slugs that seem to populate it.  It is however in one of THE most beautiful spots for an allotment, surrounded by woodland, so we just enjoy hanging out there, even if we don't always get the harvest we hoped for.

I am exploring visual journalling to bring my spirit through into my life.  And have collected together a group of gorgeous women souls to join me in exploring art as a spiritual medium.  Art as sacred.  This is my Happy Ever Arter circle & my total joy.