Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wishcrafting Wednesday - Fierce

Jamie Ridler asks today:

Where do you wish to be fierce?

Wow, what a question!  It made me laugh a little, because as women we aren't encouraged much to be fierce.  So my initial, initial reaction was to giggle slightly in a 'gosh, are we allowed to? kind of way'.  Oh yes, we are allowed to.  We have permission to be fierce when we choose to, or need to.

I wish to be fierce to protect that which is precious to me.  I do not expect you to understand why it is important to me.  You just need to back to hell off, so I can get on with it.  Not YOU, obviously.  You totally get it, I know that.  Y'a know.  THEM you.

I will be fierce about MY time, and my family.  I will start off hissing like a cat, just to warn.  But be warned.  I can and will pounce if called to!

Yay for fierce.  Feisty is fun!

As you wonderful souls wish for yourself, I wish for you too.  Where do you wish to be fierce?

Friday, 24 February 2012

Thankful Thursday. 23rd Feb 2012

Today I am grateful for:
  • Half term resting, last week
  • Pulling off a brilliant 8yr old birthday party on Sunday.
  • Help from my mother & my bestie to make the party run smoothly
  • One happy eight year old boy with his pressie haul!
  • Home-made bread rolls yesterday
  • An empty laundry box.  It happens briefly, so when it does it needs to be rejoiced!
  • A couple of free hours this morning to have a meditation & deep sleep.  Soooo needed it today.
  • Omg, omg, flights booked to Cypress to see my lovely sister next month.  Wheeeeee!
  • A couple of Jumble sales on Saturday.  So good to get a rummage in.  Managed to find a few jems for creating art with.  And a naval officers jacket.  Just because.
  • My cough retreating into the background & breathing freely again. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Wishcrafting Wednesday - spending time

Jamie Ridler's prompt today on Wishcrafting Wednesday is very timely.  Literally & figuratively.  Last night I lay awake, for some reason, going through my ideal day working for my wonderful (yet to be discovered) business.  Imagining in some detail how that would look.

So I smiled when I saw the prompt: How do you wish to spend your time?

I wrote a long breakdown of an ideal day.  I will not bore you with it all.  But it starts and ends with cuddles.  The middle bits include lots of nutritious juices & good food.  Fun exercise outside.  Tea & technology.  Studio time.  Allotment time.  Meditation.  Sharing & playing time with the kids.  And connecting with lovely people.

I intend to pin those 2 pages up on my wall.  I can totally live my ideal day.  I have all the component parts.  I am the creator, the engineer who can put all the pieces together.  I can do this.  Its just a case of remembering...

What about you?  How do you wish to spend your time?  As you wish for yourself, I wish for you too. x

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Thankful Thursday 16th Feb

Today I am grateful for:
  • Half-Term holidays!  I love not having to do the school runs & just let the kids chill out abit.  It can take them a bit of time to get used to the pace of not having everything laid on but I like that they need to remember how to entertain themselves.  Mummy, I am bored soon turns into some fun games & creative endeavours.  Such sweet games played together too.
  • Party preparations.  Tintin is having his 8th Birthday party on Sunday & we have alot of kids coming.  Bracing myself for 2+ hours of high octane energy.  I think with our own kids its going to be about 20.  Eeek.  We are lovin the prepping & planning.  Hope they aren't too over excited to enjoy it.
  • My studio becoming the hub of creativity other than my own.  Some sock doll aliens are going to be given as prizes on Sunday...
  • Our community cafe.  A lovely place to hang out in our holidays & have home-made cakes.
  • Snowdrops
  • A free veggie box today.  Gotta love the marketing from Abel & Cole.
  • Mum giving me a new Gillet (waistcoat) that is just perfect for working down the the Allotment.  It even has zip pockets to make sure I don't loose my car keys in the soil.
  • Our wonderful library service.  And we straddle two counties so have twice as many resources at our disposal.  Half-term has been full of books and story tapes.
  • Still loving our new dishwasher.  Clear up is sooo easy now!
  • My NLP course with Sarah Frossell this past weekend.  So much stuff to learn with such lovely people.
What are you grateful for today?  See if you can find ten things to make your heart sing. I'd love to see your lists!   Even just one thing that makes you smile, well, it sets the facial lines in the right direction!   xxx

Monday, 13 February 2012

'Just a Mum'?

What is it about the role of Mothers in our society?  I swing from feeling like I am doing the most important job in the world, to feeling like I am missing out on some part of my life.  I need to say at the outset here, that I absolutely LOVE and adore all three of my children.  They are truly precious to me.  I am so very grateful to be their mother, and to have been able to enjoy their early years without having to dash off to work. 

I have been an At Home Mother (AHM) for a decade now.  My daughter turned ten last month.  And I fully realised that I had been AHMing for that long.  The longest I have ever held any 'job'.  And in the last year or so I have started to feel that I need something else too.  Something to sing to me.  Not just being mummy, which although I love it, is only one facet of me. 

I have other gifts to bring to the world.  Surely?  Don't I?  They just feel swamped by a mountain of laundry, a lake of washing up, school letters & requests, homework, and that's on top of the really important job of cuddles & listening.

Right now, I can feel like 'I' is emerging, painfully slowly, blinking into the light of expanding awareness.  I know that I can be more than 'just a mum'.  I can be so very much more & brilliant.  Not in a Super-mum nonsense sort of way, trying to be all things to all people & racing myself into a breakdown.  But in an expansive, authentic whole of joyous living.  I know I can.  I know I can.  I know I can.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Thankful Thursday -

Today I am grateful for:
  • Our NHS (National Health Service):  Little boy Roo managed to cut his head today.  Oh boy, don't head wounds bleed in a scary way!  Luckily we managed to just go to the GP surgery where two delightful women glued his head back together!  It was actually quite a small cut, just a good bleeder!
  • Reading books with Roo tonight & knowing that he wasn't in any way suffering from long term damage!
  • Cuddles, cuddles, cuddles at bedtime.  Three sweet soft snuggly children.
  • Facilitating the Business Course on Leonie's Goddess Circle.  What an amazing circle of women.  I love it.  In fact, if you wonder where I am in cyberland, thats where I hang, baby.
  • Creating my first pdf gratitude booklet for a download.  Learning how to upload it here as a freebie is the next step!
  • Cleaning the house today, in advance of a potential snowday.  Fingers crossed we get some of the white stuff that everyone else is getting.
  • Abel & Cole Veggie box, that actually listen to my family's distrust of any celery tasting veg!  This is my 3rd box today, & I am very impressed with it all.  The milk is delish!
  • A drop dead awesome husband.  Not only does he earn enough to support our little family, he can ( & did) change his office clothes to pull up floor boards searching for the source of water coming through the ceiling.  A few hours later, all fixed & sorted.   What can I say.  He ROCKS!  Did I mention he's also a hottie?
  • oh yes, and we rather tragically have managed to buy matching waterproof jackets.  sheesh.
  • Tidying out the studio.  Getting some arting done.  Soooo theraputic.
  • Taking the kids to a fun-club at the local community centre at the weekend.  Got to go inside a planatarium which was really cool.  And then, oh I was so excited, I discovered that one of the other mothers was my favourite member of staff that I recruited back in another life before kids.  She was gorgeous then, and (the reason I didn't recognise her straight away) lost a bunch of weight, and is still utterly gorgeous now.  So wonderful to find such a beautiful soul again.
WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR?  Join in the love!
(I would have put a linky thing in if I could work out how to use it!  Feel free to post your grateful lovin' in the comments!)

Friday, 3 February 2012

OK. So I am a day late with Thankful Thursday, but none the less Grateful.
  • I love my family!
  • So grateful for two birthdays in one week.   Mine & my sweet boy's today.
  • Our new 8 year old having a lovely lovely day.  And his new girl friend came round for tea.
  • Watching Tintin & Nunu skipping home together holding hands.
  • A fabulous evening with my lovely HEArter group painting our Word of the Year.
  • A full fridge before the possible snow arrives
  • Goddess Circle.  Doing the Business Goddess course.  AWESOME.  Just sayin'.
  • A clean house.  Hurrah.
  • Sweet cuddles with my kids tonight.
  • Beautiful new mugs.  so pretty!