Monday, 14 March 2011

For Tim

Today should have been the 42nd Birthday of our dear friend whose funeral we went to last Saturday.  His was a short battle with cancer, borne with immense strength & humour.  My thoughts are with his mum & brother who bore it with him.

Tim was a friend who was always there.  He would always turn up whenever the clan gathered.  We shall miss his quiet humour and deep spiritual connection.  I am grateful that we had him in our lives.  And for the re-gathering of the clan at his funeral.  It was good to see everyone again.

Farewell Tim, safe journey.


  1. so sorry to read your post. dee x

  2. :-( So sorry you lost your friend, we lost a friend the other year to cancer and it still upsets me, it is such a horrid desease. Take care . x

  3. Cancer is something which touches everyone in one way or another. I lost my sister to Cancer at the age of 42 too, such a young age to die.