Monday, 7 March 2011


ahhh.  Please tell me sunshine that this week will be a better one.  Last week wasn't very nice!  Hospital visit with toddler to check out why he was limping (irritable hip due to general viral infection), another abnormal smear result after a clear colposcopy, snotty grotty poorly temperaturey toddler, a hefty bout of diahorea, rounding off the week with the funeral of a dear friend who lost his short battle to cancer.  Exhale.

But this week is a shiney new sparkly week & it will be gentle and wonderful.  Its sunny, for goodness sake, how could it not be?

All is well in its beautiful imperfections.  We are all recovering and growing, along with these delightful reminders of spring.  And we won ten quid on the lottery!


  1. My eldest daughter was kept in overnight when she was a toddler with a limp and it also turned out to be a viral infection!!! They are a worry aren't they!! You've had a bit of a week last week haven't you.....I hope you have a lovely week ahead!!!

    Take care xx

  2. What a horrible week - and I was moping with just a poorly toddler to cope with and a bit of a cold myself....I have a good feeling about this week though, my washing dried outside today in the sunshine and that always cheers me up!

  3. Pet, sounds like a nightmare! Wishing you a much better week this week, x

  4. aaahhh bless you, The sun is shinning so far this week is going to be a better one its been ordered ;-)) dee x

  5. Sounds like a tough week last week, hope this week is better for you.