Saturday, 12 March 2011

Told you!

I knew this week would be a better one.  For me at least.  Beloved has gone down with the flu on Thursday, but I have re found my energy.  Thank goodness!

This week included a lovely parcel from from the delightful Dee, as I won her cushion cover giveaway.  How could it not be a better week with a tissue wrapped parcel & cupcake card!  Thanks Dee.
The week also held my little Roo man turning from this

to this.  I sooo love the National Health Service!  Thankyou to all the beautiful people who looked after us.

Some swirling and twirling to music. 

Learning how to make a skateboard stay underfoot.

And the rhubarbs finally got moved into their (hopefully!) final resting place.  Roo actually let me do some allotment work yesterday & I felt great! 


  1. yays to all of that (except the flu bit)

  2. Your very welcome i hope you enjoy them ;-) The children look adorable beautiful little dress. I hope next week is a lovely one for you, dee x

  3. Lucky you winning a giveaway. I really need to get my rhubarb in to the allotment, it's been residing in containers for two years now. What a gorgeous dress, designed especially for swirling and twirling. Glad you had a better week.

  4. swirly dresses are great fun ! Must plant rhubarb..