Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Wishcrafting Wednesday - Break time

This weeks Wishcrafting at Jamie Ridler's Studio - What do you wish to take a break from?

Ha! What indeed.  Overall I am feeling fairly contented.  However.  (always a however eh)  I would like to take a break, permanently in fact, from the sense of Overwhelm I allow in my life.  Don't know why I even  let my to do list rule my life, I have a pretty basic type of life, but I am aware I let my House run me rather than the other way round.

So. A break please from internal pressure of 'must do'. 

What do you wish for? May all your wishes come true!

P.S.  I have been visiting your blogs & am having a problem leaving comments with Blogger, it just won't let me log in for comments.  So sorry, but to you all - As you wish for yourself, I wish for you too. xxx

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Away with the Fae...

Morning children collection by our gorgeous Faerie friends
 Apologies for a rather picture heavy post this time, but there really isn't much other way to show the sparkles that is the 3 Wishes Faerie Festival in Cornwall.

The weather was not as marvellous as it was last year, which did impinge on our enjoyment, particularly as our tent nearly blew away.  We pitched it with the best view on the field.  Which turned out to be a wind tunnel.  But on the last day we got to see it.  And it was glorious

Luckily the wind was calmer in the actual festival area, and the weather picked up a bit.  We even saw a bit of blue sky!

Having my wooly Faerie dreds put in by the beautiful Jess of Shanti Knots
My home in the Country, showing off my lovely new coat from Lotus
Faerie watching over the wishes...

And to dance with the raggle taggle gypsios O
And finally, how could I not be in love with this man...

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

wishcrafting: Summer wishes

This week, Jamie at Jamie Ridler studios asks: What do you wish for this Summer?

I wish for lazy hazy warm days where the weather matches my favourite clothes.

For the slugs to let my plants down the allotment grow.

For picnics, kite flying, poi practicing, laughing, crunchy fresh food,

For us all to enjoy some adventures & lots of outdoor fun.

And I shall keep asking for a clean house.  It happens for the briefest of moments.  It is now covered with all our camping stuff & an Everest of laundry after the 3 Wishes Faerie Festival in Cornwall.  I will post pics of the soggy fun we had in another post once I refind the camera under all this stuff!

Happy joyous wishes for the Summer to you all! x

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Wishcraft wednesday: Delights

Joining in with the lovely Jamie Ridler's Wishcraft Wednesday again today after a couple of weeks hiatus.  This week Jamie asks 'what delights do you wish for?'

Just for this weekend I wish for the delight of sunny weather for our trip to the 3 wishes Faerie Festival in Cornwall.  To wear our wings in the dry.  Wet wings are really rather hampering!

Tonight I wish for the delight of a hot bath and my lovely children to be in bed super easy.  They are delightfully sweetly watching Matilda with me now to while away the wet afternoon.  I wish to enjoy the delight of my lovely children more frequently.  To play hide & seek more often.  Fly a kite.  Turn cartwheels.

Oh, and a clean house please.

What delights do you wish for?

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Thank Goodness

Someone I love very much has come back safe & sound from Afghanistan & enjoying the greenery.  Thankyou to all the Angels who kept him well.  Hurrah!  Welcome home my lovely J. xxx

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Oh blow it

We decided last week, especially as we were down to 2 children, to do some blow painting outside.  It seemed that outside was the best place for this to take place.  Tintin was at a sleepover at his grandmothers.  Bini had had hers the previous night.  Special half-term treats.
We had some fun with the blowing for a few moments.  Then, as usual, it moved inexorably towards painting footprints and then just sliding on the paper, covered in paint. 

We managed to empty the entire paint box and two rolls of paper.  Which is all to the good as far as I'm concerned as I am trying to cut down on the sheer amount of 'stuff'' that we have.  Now I shall just buy what we really need & create more space.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go clean the bath of its blue toned ring of paint after two extras from Braveheart or the smurfs became human children again.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I am a Radiant Goddess!

I can't believe I haven't blogged about this before now!  I am a Radiant Goddess.  Well, actually, more accurately I have been doing the Radiant Goddess course from Goddess Leonie.  I am suprised I haven't mentioned it as I have been rather obsessive about the food element as it is basically a raw food diet.  But what I love about Leonie is she isn't all, 'you must do xxx', she's totally 'whatever you can manage is fabulous.'  How can you not love someone like that?!

It is a 21 day course, so I have been eating mostly raw foods, no wheat, refined sugar or alcohol.  I have however allowed myself chicken & fish.  The first few days were really tricky, even though I had cut back on stuff knowing I was starting it, with some withdrawal symtoms and lethargy.  I really was not feeling Radiant!  Then I had rejigged the diet thing & read up on stuff, mostly Leslie Kenton.  And I have to say, I do feel much more energetic.  That was the main reason I was doing it.  I was so fed up with feeling tired by school pick up time.

So here's to more energy & radiance!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

A feather trail

This last weekend was my brother in law's 40th birthday extravaganza.  A weekend of camping and partying on the isle of purbeck.  And it has to be said, my brother-in-law's friends know how to party! 

It was held in the grounds of some mates of his who have land, in the middle of nowhere.  So there was nobody to get upset about the noise we very ably accomplished.  We camped with our friends, played croquet, canoed on the stream/river, cooked on the fire, danced wildly.  And some people did actually drink.  Shocking.  Come the next morning my own dear brother was seen to be using the fence like a doss line whilst the bad alcohol found somewhere else to be.

Oh, and I got to wear another feather boa & tutu.  Twice in one month.  There is no stopping me!  And you could track my progress around the venue.  My boa is looking a little bald...