Thursday, 24 March 2011

All that Jazz...

Saturday night I decided at very last minute to expand my comfort zone and fixed ideas about what I like.  So reading the kids story at breakneck speed, I legged it out the door.  I took myself to an all girls jazz orchestra concert held in a local 13th Century church.  A fund raiser to help with repairs & replacing the lead the thiefs keep stealing. 

Well.  I feel expanded into someone who has danced to a jazz concert.  I had a great time, a total ball.  Not least because I was OUT!  I didn't know anyone there except one of the musicians was a fellow allotmenteer.  I was the only one dancing the entire time, so I suspect they might know me next time!

So I will no longer say that I don't like Jazz.  I think I like it Live.  It won't replace my love affair with a Folky Fiddle band.  Or a scruffy acoustic guitar player to fall in love with.  But it was fabulous energetic fun & I am rather proud of myself for pulling myself out of my small world & making it bigger.


  1. Out? On Saturday night? That's a rare thing here!!! Pleased you enjoyed it so and you braved the edge of your comfort zone. Ax

  2. You and me would get on like a house on fire... at least, we'd have a dancing partner when everybody else has sat down!
    Sounds like you had a blast x