Saturday, 26 March 2011

Point to Point

Well, another Saturday.  Another comfort zone gently expanded. 

We were offered tickets to go to a Point to Point through my Beloved's work.  Instead of lethargically saying no thanks we decided to give a joyful YES.  So dragging along some reluctant children who eventually came round, we drove off to spend the day in the open air.  And guess what?  I had a ball again!  Hurrah for expanding my comfort zone.

We even got to watch from the centre of the circuit.  One of the riders fell off in front of us at a fence which was rather scary.  He closed himself up into the smallest ball whilst the other horses thundered around him.  Then he unfurled slowly and got up.  Boy was I relieved to see that.  Winded but not wounded.
I was busy keeping my boys safe at the time but my daughter managed to catch a slightly blurred picture of the moment of falling.
We inexpertly attempted betting & won one of the races, thanks to this able team.

Thanks guys, you paid for our icecreams! 
Quite an exhilarating day.  Oh and did I mention there was candyfloss.  Candy Floss, people.  That gloriously sticky pink stuff.  How could it have been a bad day?!

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  1. I love racing. I feel like it's a sort of guilty pleasure! x