Sunday, 27 March 2011

WishBig eCamp

I am currently taking my very first eCourse.  Oh boy, I could get addicted to this!  I am struggling to fit stuff in everyday, but luckily Mindy from WishStudio who as set it all up, is leaving the classes up for a few weeks yet so I can catch up.  I love the idea that its a camp & that we gather round a 'virtual' fire & share via the comments section.

I love that there are so many fabulous teachers doing their wondrous stuff.  I just know that I am going to want to take each of their in-depth ecourses!  We kicked off the week with Darrah Parkers photography element.  Part of which involved taking pictures of what mattered to us.  The little details around our house.

I then did this exercise with Bini as she was off school for the day.  I loved seeing her pictures... there were rather a few of my ipod!  But also tons of her sweet baby brother who loves to pull a pose or two.

So, if Mindy puts this on again, I can wholeheartedly recommend it.  Am off now to do another workshop!


  1. hooray! and you are such a beautiful part of the experience! thank you so much for joining us :) xo

  2. When you have cherubic golden curls posing must be an occupational hazard! x

  3. so nice to 'meet' you at camp. Thanks for the views into your home. I love your little man's curls, oh my!