Saturday, 2 April 2011

Camps over!

My ecourse has come to an end and I feel bereft!  Well, the campfire part of it has finished but luckily I can still do the workshops at  my leisure throughout April.  Hurrah.

One I have completed is the Intuitive Vision Cards, with Jamie Ridler.
After a guided visualisation to choose my themes, I got to pulling out images for my chosen words.

Love, Creativity, Womanhood.

I loved doing a meditation before starting on my collaging.  There have been a few in the workshops on this course & I am loving the way they inform my artwork.  How I feel deeper connected to my soul before I spill out my creative juices onto the page.

No prizes for guessing this one is Creativity!


And of course love

These cards have been activated with wishes on the back & are sitting on my altar.  Hopefully drawing all their yummy goodness my way...

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  1. that first image is so yummy! beautiful cards. and don't be bereft. before you know it it'll be time to gather round the fire again!