Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Lou, Lou, look what you made me do!

I have come to the conclusion that Blogland is a place not without its risks.  I read this post on Lou of Little Green Shed's post about making marmalade.  Now, making Marmalade was one of those things.  You know.  Someday.  But in the meantime, something that Other People did.  And I might buy it if they chose to sell it.  However, it looks like Someday has arrived.  Today at the Greengrocers, flaunting themselves at the entrance...

I felt like a teenager buying alcohol.  Like I didn't have a clue but trying to look nonchalant.  I clearly didn't fool the purveyor of these orange floozies, so I had to confess I didn't know how much to buy or really what I was going to do with them.  I have opted for a cool kilo, and now need to scramble my brain to the rescue.  Making marmalade?  Me?  Oh yes.  Time to get busy.  And find a recipe. And jars.  Oh my.  Dangerous place Blogland.  How long do seville oranges keep?!


  1. YAY! I've just clicked onto my reader and saw LOU LOu - I was like hey what's this?! Recipe: Use the one my blog by Pam Corbin, very easy. Use a kilo and then 2 kilos of Granulated Sugar, 2 lemons. Jars - check freecycle someone is always giving a load away around here. Or lakeland or local kitchen shop. I bought 12 for £5. As for keeping, about a week. Good luck! xx

  2. Oh that Lou! She is to blame for my foray in to marmalade too!!!
    Good luck!

  3. I agree. Pure danger. Read posts at your peril. I am looking forward to seeing how the marmalade goes. The Quince Tree has just made some if you need a recipe.
    I am going to resist this year. I don't think I am ready to make marmalade. Or to be more realistic and honest, I don't think that the marmalade is ready to be made by me...

  4. I am on the verge of making it too after seeing the post on little green shed....soooo tempting!!! and I absolutely love marmalade!! As you said blogland has a lot to answer for!! xx

  5. Don't forget to add a drop of scotch for a really decadent marmalade!

  6. go for it, i too could be tempted by lou's post but think prehaps next time as i have too much going on here at the moment but goodluck cant wait to see your post once its made x