Thursday, 17 February 2011


Oh boy. This marmalade bizniz is getting tedious.  It seems to have taken me forever to get into it.  Have fnally got it onto soak over night this evening.  We have had slightly poorly children this week.  We have a couple of days off. 

Today, however, has been wonderful.  Feeling better enough for a bit of fish-face supermodel posing...

We went for a walk in the sun and felt the warmth on our faces.  Found some snowdrops for the first time.  Played with the camera and took some pictures of them.  Then Roo stamped on them.  Testosteron huh?!

These are sadly somewhat trampled now...


  1. awww lovely Spring really is on its way ;-)) enjoy yout weekend, dee x

  2. It's nice when the sun shines at this time of year. Have a good weekend.