Friday, 25 February 2011

Half term gentleness

Most of the way through the half term.  And what a wet one it has been.  Thankfully!  I really don't have the energy to go whooping it up.  So we have found small joys in walking in the wet, wandering down to the community cafe, watching Nanny McFee & Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium (both delightful films), drawing & painting, eating, baking pizza, visiting Grandparents.  I let the kids help me with menu planning the half term week, which threw up some interesting choices!  Today as a snack we had cut up jelly cubes.

On the weekend, we had Bini's first sleepover.  I finally ran out of excuses, so we faced the music.  Five giggling girlies overnight.  Popcorn & movie, dressing up, midnight feasts (at 8pm!), playing Barbies.  All very sweet really.

We managed a day out yesterday as it was finally sunny.  So it seems did the rest of the cabin-fevered half-term mothers around here.  The farm park we went to was completely packed!  A small walk away from the playpark bit was lovely and quiet. 

Whatch lookin at?

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  1. Hello and thankyou for stopping by my blog. Looks like you are finding lots of fun in half term too x