Saturday, 19 February 2011

baking on the weekend

Tintin did some baking last weekend.  He asked me if he could make some dinasaur biscuits whilst I was having our tea in bed.  I came down to a bowl full of something looking like pancake batter.  'How much butter did you use Tintin?'  'Oh I forgot to put any in'. 'What recipe are you following?'  He looks at me like I suggested he wear the bowl on his head.  'Of course I didn't, there isn't one!' 
So we went through a recipe book and decided on some shortbread.  It was so lovely to just spend some time with him, whilst the siblings were busy doing other stuff.  Mostly Cbeebies...

The shortbread was shortlived!  We had the last of it visiting the playpark in the pouring rain.  We were that desperate to get out!


  1. My daughter made shortbread last week. She half dipped some of the pieces in chocolate, delish.