Thursday, 10 February 2011

Thanks guys!

I am feeling somewhat sheepish now.  Firstly at my missing the obvious solution to resizing the photos.  I knew that.  Didn't I?  I have used it for captions & centreing.  How'd I miss the size thing?  I have obviously hit it by accident & made it smaller.

Thank you for all your lovely comments.  They mean such a great deal to me.  It was the visual aspect of the blog that I particularly felt looked boring.  Not that I have alot of interesting things to say, but I am happy to bimble on with the writing, while finding my voice.  It is the lack of extra bells & pictures on sidebars and all that pretty stuff.  And the annoying feeling of not quite being on top of that technology stuff.  So I have spent this evening fighting that demon.  Playing with and Picasa.  I managed to create a new collage header.  Am feeling rather proud of myself now!  Baby steps, Jacs, baby steps.

By the way, the picture on the bottom left is me with my birthday makeover given to me by Bini with tea in bed!  I was quite impressed with the job she made.  It was a bit full on for first thing, but a pretty good effort.  My friend Dell, who bought back Tintin from his Beavers sleepcamp, was heard to issue a couple of expletives.  On both my actually being up this early on a Sunday, and in full makeup!


  1. ;-))) Thats great lovely pictures to, Its a great feeling when you achieve what it is you wanted to ;-)) dee x

  2. Oooh, aren't you purty! (That's pretty in Texan... a commentor left it on my blog recently and I have been trying to get that word into a sentence ever since, thank you)
    I think it's just about being brave and playing heaps on the template bit of the blog page. Try the create tab in flickr too, that's always good for some fun effects. Looking good though! x

  3. Your header looks great, I wouldn't have a clue where to start. What a thoughtful daughter you have, I think she may have a future in the beauty business.

  4. i have to agree with jo, i wouldnt know where to start either so you really arent the only one. x ps you done a great job on your new layout x

  5. I'm terrible at working out how things work on the blog but I just tidied mine up & took OFF all the bits on the side !
    Your headder is superb