Thursday, 10 February 2011

Ever feel like you are fighting a loosing battle?  After giving myself a hard time yesterday for not having the energy to mop the floors I am now so glad I didn't!  These tracked from the front to the back door to the guilty culprit!  On the positive side, the conservatory is being plastered & looking almost like a room!

On a completely different note, I was also giving myself a hard time for my blog looking so boring.  I seem to be rather good at giving myself a hard time, especially if feeling under the weather!  I realised however that one of the reasons for this is that my photos seem to be rather small.  Anyone got any ideas how to make them bigger?  I am sure they were bigger before and don't know what has changed that.  Mind you, this is from a woman who managed in narcissistic error to follow her own blog, so my grasp of this technology is sketchy at best.  I seem to be blanking at HTML code for some reason.  I did actually have to do computer programming at collage, in Pascal, but appear to have repressed that ability.  I just want to press a couple of buttons & make these pics bigger, dammit!


  1. I haven't a clue when it comes to technology so I can't help I'm afraid. I have black tiles in my kitchen which are constantly covered in mud since we got Archie. It's hardly worth mopping it on a morning for it to be covered again by lunch time. White kitchens and black tiles definitely don't mix well with puppies.

  2. I make my photos bigger in blogger just by clicking on them in the compose tab (not the html one) as I'm writing a post.. I just use the Blogger import photo thingy, its easy now (I think they have recently changed it) If you click on the actual image, in edit mode, they turn blue, and then at the bottom you can choose the size (try X-Large), and position (centre, left, etc), and you can also add a caption this way. Does that make sense? I'm by no means an expert, but can try to explain it more clearly if you need me to!
    And ditto on the cleaning... I just spent all morning cleaning up for Mothers Group, and now just have to vaccuum all over again. Ahhh. Worth it though :)

  3. Yes same as Rhi. Just use compose not HTML when writing your post. Click the photos button at the top. When it's imported the pic on to your post, click on the photo and it will give you options.. choose x-large. Voila! I also save my pics via or any other photo enhancing site so they are at least 640 x 400 in size. should be a good image.

    good luck!
    p.s. dont worry about cleaning the floor... creativity genius never came out of a clean house! x

  4. Not sure why you think your blog is boring, I love reading it and I am sure everyone else does too.

  5. I have a golden labrador who, as soon as I have hoovered and mopped runs through the house sharing his love an hair and muddy paws!!!! And your blog is marvellous so don't beat yourself up saying it is boring!!!


  6. Im afaid i can't help you either my tchnology isnt very good either, and when i first started my blog last year i did the same as you and followed my own ha ha so your not on your own there ;-)) I did un follow myself but i haven't a clue how i did it. Your blog isn't boring either. dee x