Friday, 22 October 2010

Present sewing

I am sewing some presents for little girls birthday parties which seem to be coming thick & fast at the moment.

These will hopefully get hair bands attached to them before they go off to their twin owners.

Hungry Juggling Mice awaiting a filling meal of lentils...

I am hoping to steal a march on some Christmas gifts too. Time to start making a list & checking it twice.  I always have more ideas than I have time (or expertise!) to accomplish. 
I think a few kids in our family may get these juggling animals. They are easy and fun to make.  According to Tintin they are also fun to play with, even if you can't juggle yet.

Mummy needs to learn how to play chess whilst she is sewing. 

He & I are learning together as apparently just saying I can't play is not good enough.  Needless to say he is winning.


  1. Just adorable gifts.
    Yes, I live in Milford on Sea - would love to meet for a walk as I really miss the company of young children ! Though that's not saying I don't like the company of my teenagers - I do!!! It's just different that's all . That area is geat for crabbing with wee ones.

  2. Those roses are fabby!
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Aww love the roses so pretty and lovely colours. The bunnies look great to. Have a lovely weekend. Dee x

  4. Love your makes, I recently got some lovely pastel fabric covered hairbands from e-bay for a good price, if you want a link let me know.