Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Fashion Design Day

Oh my word, I am so glad that's over! 
It had taken up alot of my mental time.  Thinking about what to do, how to pitch it etc.  I think it went OK.  It wasn't as fantastic as I hoped, but the kids all went away with something in their hands.

I started the day with showing some of the reconstruction that I had done.  Then we cut up some Tshirt fabric & hand sewed some fingerless gloves.  As in folding a rectangle, sewing the long side with a gap for thumb holes.  Then I got them to do a fashion walk around the hall to some music, as I felt they needed a break & some exercise.  The hall was rather hot & stuffy.
Then the fun began with the jumble bag opened & they were let loose.  The age range was a bit tricky as the younger ones were only aged 8/9 so needed lots more help.  Luckily there were a few ladies to keep on top of it all.  One was operating a sewing machine for them.  I loved their creativity once they got going with it.  Some had ideas that they couldn't quite achieve but we managed to fulfill as many dreams as possible!

At the end we did a photo shoot, but the kids weren't really very forthcoming!  Don't these kids practice in front of a mirror with the hairbrush? Not a poser amongst them.  Well, except perhaps my daughter...
The top was a tshirt made into a halter top tied at the back.  The skirt was originally a dress she turned into a wrap skirt.  Plus her gloves of course.
Just at the point we wanted to take some photos of their work, the street theatre group had a coffee break in the room next door.  Very kindly they let us use their set for a photo shoot.  So much better than the curtain in the hall we had been using.
I would love to show you some of the other outfits but don't feel I should as I didn't get permission.  The older ones were 12 & 13 who made some cool outfits.  I really enjoyed doing the older kids.  There was one boy aged 11 who was rather shy but got totally into it did some amazing applique on a Tshirt. 

All in all, it went fairly well.  But boy, will I sleep well tonight!


  1. Hi - thanks for your comment, and welcome to blogland. I hope that you enjoy blogging as much as I do.xx

  2. Sounds like great fun, well done for getting the kiddies creating!

  3. That sounds like something my daughter would really enjoy, and you wouldn't have had any problem getting her to pose.

  4. Haaa! I love the idea of a roadkill birthday cake...genius! Your baby Roo is gorgeous... I think he should be made to wear that crown daily,