Thursday, 14 October 2010

Mummy, I've made a cake

On the weekend the kids get themselves up & we lie in till babe wakes up.  Last weekend I was woken up by Bini wispering to me 'Mummy, I've made a cake, but haven't put it in the oven.'  She took Roo as he had woken up & I promised to be down shortly.  A few minutes later this is what I came down to...
His hair was covered from putting his head in the bowl when the spoon wasn't up to the job. Whilst behind him, the finishing touches were going on with the cake.

Aprons were not a la mode on this morning, not when there are a handy pair of pajama shorts to wipe your hands on.  My dear sweet boy can mess up any outfit in the blink of an eye once food gets involved.  I try so hard to get napkins & aprons used but fear I am trying to push water uphill.

A recipe was sort of followed.  Self raising flour was not used but some baking powder or bicarb ( I never did get to the bottom of that mystery) was put in.  Consequently the cake rose slightly and then fell back exhausted.  A bit like me, then.

Oh yes, they did eat the cake.  Bini even waited till Daddy went down the shops to get some cream.  Tintin just ploughed on in.  Its flatness didn't bother them, but the packets of self raising flour has been noted now for future reference.  We'll see what next weekend brings.

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  1. lol love it! And why not lick the bowl out whilst on your head, sure it must be good for your hair :-)