Sunday, 17 October 2010

Bunny love

Whats a small boy to do when he's managed to snag one of these bunnies whilst thrifting?

Some of this stuff goes in here.  Some goes in our mouths.
Oh big brother you are so wise.

This is the bit that freaks Mummy out.  Careful now, don't rest it on the jug...

In to the bunny it goes.  Leave it in the fridge overnight & eat straight from the mould.  Of course, why would you wait for Mummy to get round to trying to flip it? 

Question. Should we grease the mould before putting jelly in?  It has been so many years (read decades actually - don't think I've done this since childhood) and I really can't remember.  And being the font of all kitchen knowledge to this 6 year old I am feeling a little off pedastool.


  1. I still use the orange rabbit mould from my childhood. I don't grease it, just put the mould in shallow washup bowl of nearly hot water. That usually loosens the jelly so you can tip the bunny out and then scoff the lot between you just the same. Only difference is the giggles we get over who gets to eat the rabbit's bum.


  2. ooh we had one of these moulds in tin ! Yes the above works or soak a tea towel in very hot water & wrap it round the mould& give it a little shake. You just need to loosen it a bit & it should turn out Ok .

  3. awww my boys love this to, well not my eldest he's far to grown up at 14 or so he tells me ;-)Great fun, soaking in hot water works for me to i have a 50's glass mould. Dee

  4. Hello Jac

    Yep I remember bunny jelly, turned out sat in green jelly grass.

    Regarding the dahlias which are in their first year, I've not really picked them for vases, hopefully next year, I imagine they would last well, they seem quite sturdy.

    By extreme granny I meant a chunky granny square!