Thursday, 21 October 2010


Thank you for your comments on to remove myself from my own followers list.  I have followed Liesl's instructions & removed myself sucessfully.  Felt very pleased with myself.  Still following my other blogs. Excellent.  Me 1: Blogger 0.
Oh not so fast Miss Smartypants.  I have just gone on to view blog & although my dashboard says I have 6 followers, nothing is showing on my blog.  Sobbing gently on edge of sofa now.
I hope I have not un-followed you, because I am very gratefull that you are following my humble blog. I just have no idea how to get the icons back.
I will triumph over this minor crisis. Eventually.  Right now though I shall make like my 6 year old & walk away, arms folded and nose in the air with a snorting Nhhuhh!


  1. O Dear, i have not tryed it yet, but i cant see your followers on your page and there is no icon on there to re follow you either. Don't panic though maybe it will sort it self in 24 hours or so. Take care dee x

  2. I have been able to follow people just from my google dashboard if I am unable to hook up from their blogsite. I just copy the address, go to my reading list on my dashboard, hit the add button and paste the address into there. So, if you lose me, no worries!

  3. The Followers widget still looks good to me - I can see everyone. I think Blogger is playing tricks on you. I suggest hitting the monitor with your keyboard several times (it won't fix the problem, but might make you feel better).