Sunday, 24 October 2010

Party day!

Wow, what is this chocolate stuff?!  And why hasn't lazy Mummy made a more boyish Birthday crown in the last 3 years? (I MUST make one before Tintin's 7th as I won't get away with it this time!)

Party spread.  Annoyingly the rabbit looked a bit like road kill.  One day I will get it right.  However the lurid lime jelly made me wonder mum.  Check out my new jumble finds of Meakin coffe pot (used as a Tea pot - I live on the edge) and jug.  Want a close up?
So glad I got a close up, as a few hours later my beloved husband broke it whilst doing the washing up.  Its a good job I like him.
Taking a swing at the jelly.  On a mat under the table.  Those cheeky adults took the chairs.

A lovely day with grandparents, uncles and aunt + Bini's best friend K who adores Roo. 

We played blind mans buff as there were enough of us.  I think the adults enjoyed it more than the kids.  Certainly it was done for the older children, as Roo was rather bemused though he did enjoy his go.  Then went off to slide down the stairs with K. 
After a morning spent baking cakes and 2 kinds of biscuits, I am shattered!   The kids all went to bed without any messing around aswell.  And so to half term tomorrow...


  1. Oh how fnuny you describe this ! road kill wabbit !
    I bet you are shattered after that.
    Sad about your lovely teapot as it was lovely !

  2. Happy belated birthday to the little one. What a shame about the coffee pot, I would suggest getting a dishwasher rather than have hubby washing up but I had to have a repair man out to my dishwasher last week, it turned out to be blocked with glass after all the mishaps my hubby has had filling it. Lovely blog you've got here, I've enjoyed reading all your previous posts.

  3. Thanks guys! We are planning on getting a dishwasher once the space has been vacated by the washing machine. And that depends on building work finishing. Hopefully by Christmas. To be honest, I was just grateful that hubby was doing the washing up & not me! I'll just have to hope for more jumble sales!

  4. too bad about the pot! so glad you had a fun party