Saturday, 30 October 2010

Building & Sewing

Today I finally helped with the building work (after stealing some sewing time of course).  Barrowing 1.2 cubic metres of hardcore rubble in our recently aquired hole at the back of the house. 
Obviously I did the hard work loading the barrow & my minion/husband waltzed it round & emptied it. 

We had some help/hinderance as you can see.  They didn't stay long prefering to run around the garden /building site chasing each other.  Its funny, we tried to make the lawn as large as we could given the space available, & yet its only when something is plonked in the middle that they really run around in the garden.

I also managed to make some trousers for Tintin which are almost finished.  They would have sewn up in a trice but I decided to make things harder for myself by creating cuffs & a pocket from an old necktie.  I never appreciated just how much fabric it must take to make one little tie.  I am now off to deconstruct as many as I can find.  I am sure there is a wealth of making possibilities waiting for me.


  1. Hope you're not aching today after all that manual work. The trousers look lovely.

  2. umm I remember shifting a nuge delivery of pea shingle onto our path - my minions were very good & we had to get it done quickly as the load was blocking the pavemnt !
    A sweet lady brought lots of her husband's ties into the carity shop where I help - she'd ironed them beautifully. Someone bought the lot to make patchwork squares.