Monday, 4 October 2010

crafting errors vs learning opportunities

Note to self: Do not make things for children that are asleep & can't try them on.

This little fellow took shape last night on a felted jumper hat.  I used the pattern from the lovely Amanda's book Handmade Home, for infants/toddlers.  Turns out that my baby has a rather big head...
My other son is totally in love with the bird & just wants to have it in his bed. Bless.  I guess I will have to make a few more hats with 'wella bird' for all my children.  I am wondering about making the failed hat into a pocket for the tank top I am thinking of making the baby with all of these. 
Have I collected enough felted jumpers yet?  Somebody stop me.  We have a couple of Jumbles & Give n Take days coming up so who knows what goodies will find their way home.  Question. Do I have a storage problem or a hoarding issue?

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