Saturday, 23 April 2011

Sunset adventures

Spring is feeling very much like summer here, this Easter holiday.  So to wring the juice out of these wonderful days (you learn to make the most of good weather here in the UK) we have been having a few sunset adventures after supper.  As the kids have no school, we can afford later bedtimes & enjoy the closing of the day.  I do so love the evenings when everything gets still, as if the world is breathing out.

Just love this place, Norman church ruins set in Ancient Earthworks.

Getting ready for the marshmallows...

Firestriker demonstrations
because running around circular ancient earthworks among the cowslips is just FUN!
Hope you are all enjoying your Easter. x


  1. aaawww great photo's each one tells a lovely story. This weather has been amazing and to have it while the children are home has been even better. dee x

  2. Must do some after-supper-adventures. Forgot quite what good fun they are. Thanks for reminding me and Happy Easter, Ax