Tuesday, 5 April 2011

All gone!

This weekend, my dear sweet seven year old boy and beloved husband, went for the boy's first proper haircut.  Yes, dear friends, all those lovely curls.
From this

To this...

Oh my, I hardly recognise him.  He is however, rather proud of himself & enjoyed the whole initiation experience with his Daddy.  In the bath to wash his hair before leaving, he looked very pensive & a bit aprehensive.  Quote heard just before he left.  'Daddy, y'know that buzzy thing that she takes your hair off with at the back, Does it hurt?'

The new haircut entailed further Father/Son bonding.  The ritual of The Hair Gel.


  1. Woah. That is fairly dramatic. Can totally see why you might not recognise him! Ax

  2. wow - he looks massively more grown up bless him xx