Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Bake Off...

Our community cafe put on The Great Bake Off this week.  I am an unenthusiastic baker at the moment.  An unenthusiastic chef too come to that.  So I didn't enter, but Tintin decided he would.  After an initial bust of enthusiasm and cookbook reading, Bini too decided against it.  Tintin remained steadfast in his quest for meringues.

He opted for the swirly meringues in his book.  Involving chocolate.  Sadly the stirring was rather enthusiastic, so not so much swirly as pale brown.  After a promising start, they cooked up into a continuous flat sheet of beige meringue wafer.  There were two lonely ones still with some swirl & structural integrity. 

This sorry pair made it to the Bake Off.  A suprisingly well attended affair, judged by a local celebrity.  Tintin was most disgruntled when he didn't win.  Luckily there were cadburys' creme eggs for all the childrens entries.  Which made everything all right.  And we got to buy some of the cakes for afternoon tea.

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