Saturday, 13 November 2010


My evenings have turned into a sweatshop.  Sewing up number pockets & other parts.  My beloved has been helping.  I managed to persuaded him that as the advent calendars were from us, he might like to play too.  He bought it, bless him.  I let him listen to Blondie rather than make him listen to my crafty podcasts! 
I could really get used to having a santa's elf.  So much fun to have someone else doing the ironing part!


  1. I'd go for Blondie too !
    Little kids look so sweet in their jammies - Mine used to get a new pair on Christmas eve & a new bedtime story book. I'd read the story, get them to bed then pour a glass of Port & do their stockings.
    Big kids not so cute in their PJ's- when Joe's friends sleep over in the lounge, they just get into their sleeping bags in their Boxers- all under arm hair & stinky feet- phewey !

  2. Awww bless. It must be love.

  3. Your 'elf' sounds so sweet helping you, and ironing too? I dont think my Mr Kitten knows what an iron looks like!!!! X

  4. aww your so lucky having a little help bless him. Bet they will look lovely when there finished. Dee x

  5. Having just been to see 'Made in Dagenham" I'm picturing you and your man stripped to your undies and sewing up a storm!!! x