Sunday, 28 November 2010

On top of the world!

Today we went for a walk to the place that has been declared 'the top of the world' by our children.  It goes to show just how flat it is around here!

It was so extemely cold.
We had tea & coffee at the top to try to warm up.
That & jump around like a dizzy gazelle, whilst trying out a borrowed camera.  Yes, I finally got a photo of me on this blog.  My beloved husband finally got round the other side of the camera for me.


  1. No snow there then? It must have been freezing though. You look like you're enjoying yourselves.

  2. awww Hellooooo nice to see you ;-)) Looks like a lovely walk. Have a lovely week. Dee x

  3. Blimey good for you for braving the cold. I stayed in yesterday... far too brrrr for my liking! lou x

  4. No snow 4 us yet ! I went to the Vintage fayre !!! Was there for about an hour with hubby waiting outside !

    Want snow but want it to hold off for darling daughter taking her driving test tomorrow !