Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Feeling flat, Feeling elated

Today, I started driving away from our favourite baby group & thought, 'hmmm this doesn't feel right.'  No.  A completely flat tyre makes the car feel odd.  Sigh. 
Luckily for me, my knight in shining armour was working in the office today just down the road & came out to change it for me.  Even standing on the brace I was unable to undo the bolts.  I think  I am going to get hold of a long bar to create a better lever in case it happens again further from home.
The tyre people sorted it out in a short while & we are roadworthy once again.  Roo slept through the whole event at the tyre place.

Although it was annoying, it was an oddly life affirming incident & learning opportunity.  On finding it, I went to my mobile phone - no signal.  At that point, some of the ladies came out from the toddler group & loaned me a decent mobile to call my husband.  The sun was shining.  More people came out & checked I was OK.  Husband comes out & Roo is excited to unexpectedly see Daddy, as am I.  We/He changes the tyre & I made sure I got my hands dirty to remind myself what to do next time.  Learning opportunity number one.  Need longer lever.   Learning opportunity number two.  Yet more people come to check on me.

I go to the tyre place & the lovely men there sorted it out in a trice.  (I know these guys fairly well as they gave us the tractor tyres for the allotment & we have been going there for quite a few years.  Not on first name terms or anything but they know my face.)   Off we go home in time for lunch & continue Roo's nap.

What I took from this all was that people are basically really nice!  I actually felt rather lucky.


  1. That's lovely & exactly how I felt when I asked those men to help me at the airport with the Taxi driver from Hell. They didn't have to stick their necks out for me but they came to my aid without question. It gave me a really good feeling & when I tell the story I smile & say how great they were.

  2. You hear such awful things on the news about society these days that you forget just how nice most people are. Glad you got it sorted.

  3. I wouldn't have a clue where to start but i don't drive so thats my excuse ;-) Aww thats lovely that so many people came to your rescue its nice to know that there are good and kind people ready to help when you need it. Dee ;-)

  4. People can be so kind. How nice that so many people came to help. I wouldnt have had a clue how to change a tyre. X

    P.S Thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog recently. Your 40th birthday sounded fun. I think we should see some pictures of your outfit!!! LOL! X