Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Cough cough

We are all a bit poorly in Keepapi Cottage.  So we have made some homemade cough medicine.  Made using a recipe given to me from a New Forest witch. 
Basically you cut up an onion, some fresh thyme chopped on top, then cover it in honey.  After several hours a clear liquid appears that you strain off & use as cough medicine.  Tastes OK & the kids like it.  Jury is out as to its efficacy, but it feels good enough. 
In case you were in any doubt as to what we look like right now...

I think I love these labels more than the medicine!


  1. LOL....aww looks good. Sorry to hear your all unwell, we all have colds and sore throats to not much fun. Hope you feel better soon be interesting to know if the mediicine helps ;-)) Dee x

  2. Do keep us posted on how the medicine works. My daughter has an awful cough at the moment, she could do with a miracle cure. Hope you all feel better soon.