Saturday, 20 November 2010

Nature's pavement art

Does this mean its late autumn now?  Which means it will be Advent very shortly. Oh my.

I/We have three advent calendar hangings in a state of almost ready to be finished. Ha! Which means they totally aren't finished.  Trees & pockets are sewn on.  Now needing buttons to hang the decorations on and Finishing.  My problem is that I am not sure how to finish them off to make a nice hanging. 

This is actually a metaphor for many of my projects.  I am fantastic at starting things.  Not so good at finishing things.  I think I need another Santa elf who comes along behind my whirlwind of ideas & completes & makes good.  Any offers?!


  1. aww keep at them the pleasure they will bring when they have been completed will be huge. have a lovely weekend. Dee x

  2. I'm sure you'll get some inspiration and they'll turn out fab.

  3. I need to get into the loft & find the advent calendar I bought last year - a lovely line of little rusty buckets to fill ! The teens still get sweets popped in them but I decided to have a more " grown up " calendar now they are older .

    Hope you get an elf to help... I could do with a few to clean the house !