Thursday, 9 February 2012

Thankful Thursday -

Today I am grateful for:
  • Our NHS (National Health Service):  Little boy Roo managed to cut his head today.  Oh boy, don't head wounds bleed in a scary way!  Luckily we managed to just go to the GP surgery where two delightful women glued his head back together!  It was actually quite a small cut, just a good bleeder!
  • Reading books with Roo tonight & knowing that he wasn't in any way suffering from long term damage!
  • Cuddles, cuddles, cuddles at bedtime.  Three sweet soft snuggly children.
  • Facilitating the Business Course on Leonie's Goddess Circle.  What an amazing circle of women.  I love it.  In fact, if you wonder where I am in cyberland, thats where I hang, baby.
  • Creating my first pdf gratitude booklet for a download.  Learning how to upload it here as a freebie is the next step!
  • Cleaning the house today, in advance of a potential snowday.  Fingers crossed we get some of the white stuff that everyone else is getting.
  • Abel & Cole Veggie box, that actually listen to my family's distrust of any celery tasting veg!  This is my 3rd box today, & I am very impressed with it all.  The milk is delish!
  • A drop dead awesome husband.  Not only does he earn enough to support our little family, he can ( & did) change his office clothes to pull up floor boards searching for the source of water coming through the ceiling.  A few hours later, all fixed & sorted.   What can I say.  He ROCKS!  Did I mention he's also a hottie?
  • oh yes, and we rather tragically have managed to buy matching waterproof jackets.  sheesh.
  • Tidying out the studio.  Getting some arting done.  Soooo theraputic.
  • Taking the kids to a fun-club at the local community centre at the weekend.  Got to go inside a planatarium which was really cool.  And then, oh I was so excited, I discovered that one of the other mothers was my favourite member of staff that I recruited back in another life before kids.  She was gorgeous then, and (the reason I didn't recognise her straight away) lost a bunch of weight, and is still utterly gorgeous now.  So wonderful to find such a beautiful soul again.
WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR?  Join in the love!
(I would have put a linky thing in if I could work out how to use it!  Feel free to post your grateful lovin' in the comments!)

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