Thursday, 16 February 2012

Thankful Thursday 16th Feb

Today I am grateful for:
  • Half-Term holidays!  I love not having to do the school runs & just let the kids chill out abit.  It can take them a bit of time to get used to the pace of not having everything laid on but I like that they need to remember how to entertain themselves.  Mummy, I am bored soon turns into some fun games & creative endeavours.  Such sweet games played together too.
  • Party preparations.  Tintin is having his 8th Birthday party on Sunday & we have alot of kids coming.  Bracing myself for 2+ hours of high octane energy.  I think with our own kids its going to be about 20.  Eeek.  We are lovin the prepping & planning.  Hope they aren't too over excited to enjoy it.
  • My studio becoming the hub of creativity other than my own.  Some sock doll aliens are going to be given as prizes on Sunday...
  • Our community cafe.  A lovely place to hang out in our holidays & have home-made cakes.
  • Snowdrops
  • A free veggie box today.  Gotta love the marketing from Abel & Cole.
  • Mum giving me a new Gillet (waistcoat) that is just perfect for working down the the Allotment.  It even has zip pockets to make sure I don't loose my car keys in the soil.
  • Our wonderful library service.  And we straddle two counties so have twice as many resources at our disposal.  Half-term has been full of books and story tapes.
  • Still loving our new dishwasher.  Clear up is sooo easy now!
  • My NLP course with Sarah Frossell this past weekend.  So much stuff to learn with such lovely people.
What are you grateful for today?  See if you can find ten things to make your heart sing. I'd love to see your lists!   Even just one thing that makes you smile, well, it sets the facial lines in the right direction!   xxx

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  1. Hello my old fruit... I"m not sure about ten things but right now I am rocking a pair of white jeans that for the weirdest reasons make me smile... don't ask!!!
    A dishwasher is also a very, very good thing x