Thursday, 2 June 2011

A feather trail

This last weekend was my brother in law's 40th birthday extravaganza.  A weekend of camping and partying on the isle of purbeck.  And it has to be said, my brother-in-law's friends know how to party! 

It was held in the grounds of some mates of his who have land, in the middle of nowhere.  So there was nobody to get upset about the noise we very ably accomplished.  We camped with our friends, played croquet, canoed on the stream/river, cooked on the fire, danced wildly.  And some people did actually drink.  Shocking.  Come the next morning my own dear brother was seen to be using the fence like a doss line whilst the bad alcohol found somewhere else to be.

Oh, and I got to wear another feather boa & tutu.  Twice in one month.  There is no stopping me!  And you could track my progress around the venue.  My boa is looking a little bald...

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  1. Love this, I grew up in the beautiful purbecks and everyone should have a feather boa :)