Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Away with the Fae...

Morning children collection by our gorgeous Faerie friends
 Apologies for a rather picture heavy post this time, but there really isn't much other way to show the sparkles that is the 3 Wishes Faerie Festival in Cornwall.

The weather was not as marvellous as it was last year, which did impinge on our enjoyment, particularly as our tent nearly blew away.  We pitched it with the best view on the field.  Which turned out to be a wind tunnel.  But on the last day we got to see it.  And it was glorious

Luckily the wind was calmer in the actual festival area, and the weather picked up a bit.  We even saw a bit of blue sky!

Having my wooly Faerie dreds put in by the beautiful Jess of Shanti Knots
My home in the Country, showing off my lovely new coat from Lotus Moon.com
Faerie watching over the wishes...

And to dance with the raggle taggle gypsios O
And finally, how could I not be in love with this man...

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  1. Great fun. Hope the fairies all behaved and that many wishes were granted. Ax