Wednesday, 1 December 2010

We want some snow!

Yep.  While the rest of blog land and the UK is covered in the chilly white stuff, this is the best we could manage.  And I believe this little cutie involved some serious scouring of the whole garden.  Bless my kids, they make the best of what they have.
Waaaaah.  We want a snow day! 


  1. I love it... a snow duck! x
    Be careful what you wish for though!!!!!

  2. We have snow in Bristol.. not that deep, about 2inches. Are you close? Maybe a drive up our way at the weekend you might find some snow? lou x

  3. We've got enough here and a bitter wind too, but to my girls disgust not enough to close school down. They check the site every morning hoping.

    Well done on making a snow thing out of very little. You never know it might be on it's way.

    Lisa x

  4. We've had a snow week here. The kids got sent home from school on Monday and have been home ever since. They've already told us that school's closed tomorrow and they'll review the situation over the weekend. Well done to your kids on making the most of what they've got. Fingers crossed they get what they wish for.

  5. I laughed out loud at this little snow-dude. We had one very similar... I did a post about it if you look back to one called "Meltdowns", our little dude lasted a good week, got covered in more snow, and is now, tragically, just a red scarf and beer bottle lid on the courtyard. Who says size matters?! I'm glad you got lots of snow later on though. xx