Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Christmas in summary

Christmas eve sledging

Christmas Day walk.  Lovely snow walk as the light fell

Christmas display

My favourite decoration surrounded by a sea of children's decorating.
 I somewhat failed to take many pictures.  Christmas was a lovely smorgasbord of family, feasting and unwrapping.  Obviously there was wrapping up and frantic getting ready first. 

And now its the pause before the next breath.  The next meyhem and start the new year.  Not that New Year really 'happens' for us any more.  But the day after New Years Day I have a eight year old turning Nine. NINE.  Oh boy.  We have all been poorly too, one way or another so nothing is organised yet.  I have persuaded her that later on in January will be better.  I hope she bought it.  She wants her first sleep over so we really need to garner our strength for that one!

I am now in the list making & reviewing & planning, that gets me through the post christmas blues.  I love lists!  I also enjoy the reflective time after the craziness.  Before breathing in the next year & all its possibilities.  Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Sounds like a perfect christmas! Charlie is 5 in 3 weeks and we are never prepared for that.. so I feel your pain (although I have a bit more time, just a lot more lazy!). Happy New Year lovely... Lou xx

  2. Hope you all get better soon and happy birthday to your soon to be 9 year old. Take care. x

  3. I don't know where the years go, my eldest is 16 next. Happy New Year, hope 2011 brings everything you wish for.

  4. Oh I am a great list maker and have just e-mailed one to hubby re Tuesday's appointments re his business! lol! I did make some resolutions but just 3 - manageable? we'll see.