Friday, 31 December 2010


I always like to reflect and look back at this point in the year, while there is space to.  To note what has happened & been done in the past year.  I know the 1st of January is a somewhat arbitary date to start a year, I also try reflect and realign at the beginning of Autumn & the Summer Solstice.  But New Year is traditional & there is a holiday to boot. 

I gave up the notion of Resolutions many years ago as it seemed to be done simply because it was the done thing.  I would list all the things that I should/ought/must do.  Possibly do them a couple of times then drift off onto something more interesting.  Usually another craft project or something involving tea...

For a few years instead I have listed my hopes & dreams for the coming year.  Then at this time of year review what happened.  And laugh myself silly at the disparity.  The unexpected pregnancy for example.

For the last couple of years I have discoved the notion of a Word for the year.  There are a few people out in blogland who have written about this.  Christine Kane has a list of word possibilities which I find useful.  So now I need to decide what word I want to carry me through this year.  My last year's word I finally chose in about March, so as you can see I am totally on the ball with this stuff! 

I chose delight.  I made a banner which hangs at the end of the bed.  My hope with this choice was to notice the minutae of my life and enjoy it, to be present in the fleeting moments, of my children growning.
So, do I continue with this or move to another word.  I wonder if any of us are truely are present all the time, there always seems so much planning and sorting that needs to be done.  Starting this blog has helped focus my attention to the incredible beauty around me.  But I still manage to beat myself up for my failings.  I look at my 'delight' banner and use it to give myself a hard time when I am not feeling the delight!  oh the irony.

Oh, what I hold in my hand.  To remember, Enjoy & cherish.
So, whilst I am pondering my dreams and desires for this unfolding year, I wish you all the very best & Happy New Year. xxx


  1. It is truly a time to reflect but also to look forward. Happy New Year, Ax

  2. i think you are so right reflect and to prehaps change things along the way. happy new year x

  3. A great word Delight... such a big word to live up to too. I think maybe to focus on the little things... a good cup of tea is delightful, so is a kiss from a child... so there you have it.. a daily delight. I am trying to think of my word of the year too... maybe calm, open, friendship... so hard to choose. Happy New Year lovely, I look forward to reading your news. Lou xx

  4. Delight is a wonderful word to choose. There's so many ordinary every day things from which you can take delight. Happy New Year.

  5. September is my time ...but what ever is yours Happy New Year xx

  6. I made my resolution a craft one last year and am doing the same this year as it is the only one i have never broken :-) Fab idea to have a word however, have you ever seen the Green Parent forum, a lot of users on there have a word for the year too :-)

  7. Oh I love the idea of a word for the year, much better than a resolution, which inevitably leaves me with a feeling of failure!
    Just today I was thinking about what I hoped to achieve this year, and the phrase 'progress not perfection' came to mind. Maybe I need a gorgeous banner like yours somewhere prominent!