Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy Birthday my Firstborn

Today was my baby's 9th Birthday.  It always gets a bit lost in the holiday meyhem.  Each year I swear I will do it better next year.  But she seems content with promises of a later sleepover or camp out party.  She was actually spoilt rotten today as she had plenty of presents.

And Daddy decided that it was time she had a decent bike rather than the ones from the tip! 

So we hauled ourselves to Halfords & availed ourselves of the special offers & Bini came away with a new bike & helmet.  Yep, a brand new bike.  First time ever in our household.

Then Grandparents & a friend came round for some afternoon tea.  All rather lovely.

Happy Birthday Bini, my beautiful girl.  We love you.


  1. awwww Happy birhtday Bini, hope you all had a lovely day. Happy new year to you all. Dee x

  2. Happy New Year to you and a belated Happy Birthday too.


  3. How lovely. A new Bike - so exciting. Happy Birthday xx

  4. aahh happy birthday to your little one. x