Saturday, 18 September 2010

Time for some autumn cleaning

I always get an urge to clean and scour as the days get cooler.  I think I am more inclined to spring clean in the autumn. Maybe its the awareness that I will be spending long hours inside in the coming months.
There is something deeply pleasurable about reclaiming the house from its summer grime once the children have gone back to school.  Summer is way too exciting to spend time cleaning! There is always somewhere to go, some fun to be had or the allotment to be loved.  But once the cooler days begin, its time to start drawing inward, and that needs order in the living space.  So it was with a simple joy that I made a cup of chai in my lovely new-to-me vintage tea cup & took the table covering outside for a thorough washing down.
And I think my little man enjoyed it too.
Spring cleaning is rarely a lonely occupation around here. 


  1. What a gorgeous photo of your little helper! :o)

    Welcome to blogland! Lucy x

  2. Thankyou Lucy.
    I am very lucky with my choice in assistants!
    Thanks for your welcome & encouragement!
    Jacs x