Wednesday, 29 September 2010

oh dear!

When we weren't dealing with sick children this weekend, this is what we were doing.  This was once a garage.  When we bought the house we put up an extension at the side of the house which blocked off this garage at the back.  So it has been turned into a workshop for my husband & the front half is being demolished to make more space in our tiny garden. Eventually it will be a pergola. Probably. Depending on how twitchy I get once the conservatory goes up that we have no space in the garden.

This project has been so long in the discussion that its hard to believe that this wall is finally down.  Its quite amazing how it opens up the garden visually.  And with the green roof that we have planted on the top of the workshop part, from upstairs at least, the garden looks really extended.

Now I just need to get out there with the sledge hammer and bash the rest of the remains up for hardcore
But wouldn't you know it, its raining cats and dogs out there.  Never been so grateful for a downpour!

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