Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Adventures of Grinubud

Earlier this year, this little fellow came to join us, stealing my sweet 6 year old son's heart.

It all started with this book from the library.  For some reason he looked through the book with me.  The book starts with lots of staged photos of the sock creatures in poses & situations.  Tintin just loved it and we had to raid his sock box for some suitable materials.  Grinubud was our first.  The name was his choice. Many more sock creatures have followed.  And other sock doll books. Sock fish are the current favourite as he can almost do this on his own.

He is entering his sock dolls, primarily this one, into his class recycling competition where they have to make something useful that has been diverted from landfill.  Along with this he is writing about the Adventures of Grinubud, on my devious suggestion to get him practicing his handwriting (as requested by his teacher). So far he has got as far as the title page & we have printed off a couple of photos for illustration.  We'll see if he sticks with it.
Grinubud loves to ride his scooter & feel the wind in his ears...


  1. What a fantastic and lovely plan! My children all like writing and illustrating stories with "Super Alfie" (our rabbit) being one of Fred's favourites! Lucy x

  2. P.S. Where did you find the pattern for sock fish? They sound fab! L x

  3. Hi Locket pocket
    We got the pattern from a fab little book which I think is now out of print. Its called sock & glove by Kanamori, Miyoko. Basically you take the toe of sock & stuff it, then cut off the top & stitch them together in a gathered way. & sew on silly big buttons for eyes. Once he gets better at sewing I might work out some fins. they give the suggestion of fish rather than much biological accuracy! I will try remember to post a photo sometime.
    Jacs x