Monday, 27 September 2010


At last she's not contagious & can snuggle close to her baby brother.  Bless her little heart, she read this to him over five times before she tired of it.

After a weekend of poorlyness, I didn't send my daughter to school as she was still just washed out after about 3 days of eating very little.  Convalescing required.

So we has some healing time down the allotment.  She took a bag of Barbies and clothes & just sat happily by the apple trees for ages.  Her little brother terrorised her somewhat so I had to redirect him to digging for a while.  The game involved dressing up the lovelies and parading them down the catwalk. Aka the plank seat between the two tractor-tyre apple trees.
Here are the girls trying to calm their pre-show nerves. 

I have managed to fall onto the Allotment Association committee.  Not sure how much that will entail, but our newly formed Association does offer us seed discount orders.  Hurrah!
This is apparently what I look like from a child's perspective.


  1. What a lovely big sister to read so patiently! I hope she is fully better now. Lucy x

  2. Hope the Barbies didn't loose the plot !