Thursday, 23 September 2010

By Jove I think he's got it!

Well I never did!  My cunning plan appears to have worked!  A rather excited 6 year old was totally engaged in practicing his cursive handwriting.  Who knew?!  The actual adventures have so far only got as far as going on his skateboard. That took alot of effort in cursive!

His sister is now also writing the story of her recently made fleecie toy.

The baby also got in on the creative excitement.  I probably had better stop calling him that as he'll be 2 next month.  Is there a protocol on when to stop referring to a child as a baby?
Needless to say, I am still failing to get in on the creative department whilst fending off the next request for help. But I couldn't be prouder really!  I'll get in the sewing room tomorrow. 


  1. welcome to blogging world,where in the west are you?

  2. Thanks! We are not as proper west as you are. Dorset. I am rather enjoying this blogging world. Everyone is very friendly! Jacs x

  3. My eight year old is still my baby and I have no plans of letting him grow out of that stage!!! ;o)

    Lucy x