Sunday, 28 October 2012

Darkening changes

This coming wednesday is Samhein.  Which I think is the beginning of the celtic new year.  

So a good time to take stock and do a bit of soul searching.  As we move into the cold.  The dark.  With the clocks going back today, tonight will come early.  Will I rebel & rail against it as I often do.  Or shall I make this year a different experience.  After yesterdays sunshine, today is a grey day.  Pale grey, with a sky almost low enough to touch.  How can I make this day of change work smoothly for me and mine?  
Like yesterday, I think some outside time is the best option.  Nurturing food.  Warm soup.  Porridge.  Lighting the fire and sitting together around it.  An early night.  

Its a crazy plan but it might just work!


  1. Thank you for visiting me! I'm soooo with you on this post. I struggle, but am always optimistic that I'll somehow manage to identify with other people who declare this one of their favourite times of year, and embrace the season. Hard though!

  2. No! Such a good idea. Get cosy and think of toast. And toasty socks and toasty jumpers and mugs of something hot and chocolate. Enjoy it, Ax

  3. Thank you petal, I really appreciate your lovely comments. I haven't heard if it'll actually get on the radio but I'm so chuffed that they are even considering it that anything else will be just a bonus! jx