Monday, 22 October 2012

Jus' writin'. Everyday.

It is time.  About bloody time.  I am going to just write.  For one week.  For seven days I will  write, write, write, even if it is total drivel.  AND I will hit the publish button.  Every day.  One post a day, imperfectly.  Wish me luck.

It is an interesting one, this desire for perfection.  The classic ‘what is your weakness’ in an interview question.  A stupid question if ever there was one, for which there seemed to be an expected answer.  'Oh, I can be rather perfectionist.'  Which was secretly considered a good thing.  Aha, here is someone who will really care about their work.  So I did on occasion use this on the ole CV/application form, although I never really believed that I was a perfectionist.  I was far too slapdash and disinterested in minutiae.  Which employers were less than enamored with.  (Case in point, before spellchecking these sentences, minutiae and enamored were incorrect.)

However, as I have gotten older, I have realised that I do have perfectionist tendencies.  A tendency to overplan, analyse and overthink things.  Spending far too much time in the planning stages and failing to get to the actual doing stages.  Like my imaginary blogging.  Like waiting until I have the great photo to go with that post, until I am ready, until all my ducks are in a row.  And guess what.  Those darn aquatic birds fail to line up so frequently that it never gets done.

My brother D is a great one for just doing it.  He doesn’t spend time agonizing over whether he made the right decision.  He just makes it and moves on.  Lives with it.  And gets things done.  Now, his way of living might just make me feel breathless, I need to live at a slightly slower pace I think.  

But I am willing to learn something from him.  And its probably going to be his latest ‘kick Jac’s butt’ saying of “Better Right Now than Right.”  Or as Christine Kane advocates in her Uplevel your Life program,  Take Imperfect Action.  I have even made myself a poster of that phrase.  I took that sentiment to make me start my Happy Ever Arter circle.  And it worked.  I started, adjusted and continued.  It is a whole lot easier to continue than it is to start.


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    1. sorry, that was me using an old profile! Here we go again:

      This is such a great, nice and sweet challenge! I may do the same :D
      Jaci (from the Goddess circle).