Thursday, 25 October 2012

Gadgetry and wizzamibobs

Oh my goodness, but we are being so thoroughly modern its making my head spin.  We seem to have suddenly catapulted ourselves into the 21st Centurary.  And we are running to catch up with our own tails.

In our attempt to not become (or to stop being, perhaps) old luddite codgers, we have both got ourselves smart, touch screen phones with cameras, a central control storage box, movies on laptop to TV, not to mention this apple macbook pro I am writing on.  Oh yes, and a won Kindle.  And we have given ourselves the added complication of mixing both PC, Apple and Android technologies.  We don't do things the easy way.  We really just hurled ourselves in at the deep end.

At the moment we both feel like we are frantically splashing around trying to find the shallow end to put our feet down and catch our breath.

I know it will get easier.  I had a similar feeling when I decided to start this blog & get to grips with the digital camera & blogging world.

And that eventually we might remember to take our portable technology with us & I will not get calls from my beloved, as I did the morning, asking me to check his phone on the side to see what appointments he had today.  But oh my he does look hot in negative effect on the new camera phone.  Think I might need to have a lie down.


  1. It's fun isn't it getting to grips with all this stuff? I'm seriously thinking about a laptop at the moment... I just need to get the hang of the touchy feely finger pad as I do prefer a mouse... in fact i really love a mouse. Hmmm, rethinking laptop now xx

  2. Hey Jacs - just popped by to see your stuff- coolio as ever. You are more techno than us now, but as you started your post with 'oh my goodness' I can see that really you dwell in the land of Downton Abbey and dressing in ball dresses for dinner.

    My my is that the time me'lord???

    Love ya xxx Jonny (and Fonz - bug she's not here!) xx

    1. Jonny, I always dress for dinner. I hate getting gravy on my bare skin!