Thursday, 1 November 2012

Thankful Thursday. 1st November 2012

Today I am grateful for

  • An easygoing gentle halfterm
  • Happy Ever Arter on the full moon with some of my Best-ies
  • Helping run the craft session at the community cafe.
  • Watching my 3 shades of blonds feeding the ducks with a bag of duck-grain.  Bini got much braver than usual and actually took to stroking the larger white one & was besotted with how soft it was.  Wish I'd remembered my camera.
  • A night out at this talk last night.
  • A really lovely connection with a beautiful soul at the talk.
  • A weekend of Brothers.  Hanging out with G & D with assorted womenfolk and children's.  So lovely to spend time with them.
  • Playing a riotous game of Pit with my brothers.
  • Lots of lovely logs.  Thanks Mum!
  • Getting my studio cleaned up.  Ready to get gloriously messy again!


  1. Hi Jacs

    I just watched the video you linked to on YouTube of Damian Mark Smyth. Interesting. It could have been summarised a little, to get to the centrals couple of points quicker and clearer. There was also a leap of logic between the 3 principles of
    1. We are alive
    2. We think
    3. We are aware of thinking
    To the second concept of
    1. Outside-world stimulus
    2. Thoughts
    3. Feelings

  2. ... But the second concept (that our feelings are based upon our thoughts) is valid and stong enough to stand on its own

  3. Hello! I'm considering buying Leonie's 2013 workbook and saw that you'd bought one of the previous editions. I wondered if you could let me know if you found it really useful and how it was to use. It would be great to hear your thoughts! Thank you!

  4. @Bristol Parentlng cafe. Hi C Thanks for your message. I have posted a message on your last blog post & I have put up a post detailing more about the workbooks. I wholeheartedly recommend them! If you do get one, if you could use this link I'd be super grateful!
    Thanks sweetie!
    lots of love
    Jaci x